Elraine and Andrew’s – Engagement Shoot – Melbourne, Australia

It was 6:00 o’clock in the morning when we started around 200-km drive along the Great Ocean Road of Melbourne that seemed endless. At first we had no particular spot in mind to go to. We all just enjoyed the ride as we experienced the breathtaking coastline… We were carefree. We just stopped at certain spots as we gazed in awe at the pristine and serene beaches and at those times we wanted to freeze the moment for lovebirds Elrain and Andrew.
We reached the 12 Apostles site around sunset. It was so windy that our drone couldn’t even take off. The breeze was so cold yet our bride to be looked stunning as she pulled off her long flowing dress. It didn’t bother the couple anyway as they enjoyed their shoot as they gamely posed, ran, danced, dipped their feet in water and lay on the sand as if no one else was around.
We wrapped up at 9pm and got home by 1am t and it’s all worth it!
Congratulations and Best Wishes Elrain and Andrew! Thank you for putting your confidence in us and for making us a part of your milestone.

I also thank the following

Marissa Gaila Körber She’s our Wonderwoman – Manager / Supervisor, Alarm clock, Production assistant, driver, chef, you name it.

Mike Guayco Files please check his Site for the video

Precious Hurtado Production Assistant.

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