Changgu and Isay Wedding at Timberland Heights, Rizal.


“Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes, we even get to meet the people that we least expect at the right place and time.

In the case of Isay Reyes, who is known to TV viewers as a reporter from two renowned media conglomerates, this led to what she prayed for all her life: a chance to meet the one who would ultimately become the love of her life.

Growing up, Isay would fervently pray for a man who would love and cherish her as much as the Lord did. She lost both of her parents at an early age, so she was deprived of the guidance that one would get from a parent who was physically present. This led to disappointing relationships over the years, which led to more misgivings from her end.

But despite her own share of losses, she quietly believed that her parents’ guidance, though physically absent, would eventually lead her to the right man.

Over the years, she would start watching Koreanovelas during her spare time, which, according to her sister Yuby, would shape the preference that she dreamed of having in a potential life partner.

Little did she know that fate would turn the tides and finally grant her wish, in the form of a man named Changgu.

An educator in Daegu, South Korea, Changgu never thought of leaving his country until his family migrated to the Philippines in 2010. Six years later, he and Isay crossed paths as friends until they officially started dating on February 24, 2018 – a significant date to Isay as it had also been her mother’s birthday.

To Isay, she felt that her mother’s spirit played a role on the day she met Changgu. It took her 31 years of waiting and praying for the right partner, yet everything just fell into place. And after falling in love, Isay’s dream had finally come true: Changgu finally proposed to her the following year.

And although Changgu initially felt as though he was not worthy of having Isay as his bride, he was confident that life and his circumstances led to the very moment they’ve laid their eyes upon each other.

For Changgu, Isay is a love granted by destiny. For Isay, Changgu is a dream come true.

Everything, after all, falls into place at the right time. And indeed, for Changgu and Isay, this is a dream come true – both a destined match and an answered prayer melded into one.

The wedding proper, ceremony and reception of Changgu Kang and Isay Reyes were all held at Timberland, Rizal.“

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