Changgu and Isay Wedding at Timberland Heights, Rizal.


“Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes, we even get to meet the people that we least expect at the right place and time.

In the case of Isay Reyes, who is known to TV viewers as a reporter from two renowned media conglomerates, this led to what she prayed for all her life: a chance to meet the one who would ultimately become the love of her life.

Growing up, Isay would fervently pray for a man who would love and cherish her as much as the Lord did. She lost both of her parents at an early age, so she was deprived of the guidance that one would get from a parent who was physically present. This led to disappointing relationships over the years, which led to more misgivings from her end.

But despite her own share of losses, she quietly believed that her parents’ guidance, though physically absent, would eventually lead her to the right man.

Over the years, she would start watching Koreanovelas during her spare time, which, according to her sister Yuby, would shape the preference that she dreamed of having in a potential life partner.

Little did she know that fate would turn the tides and finally grant her wish, in the form of a man named Changgu.

An educator in Daegu, South Korea, Changgu never thought of leaving his country until his family migrated to the Philippines in 2010. Six years later, he and Isay crossed paths as friends until they officially started dating on February 24, 2018 – a significant date to Isay as it had also been her mother’s birthday.

To Isay, she felt that her mother’s spirit played a role on the day she met Changgu. It took her 31 years of waiting and praying for the right partner, yet everything just fell into place. And after falling in love, Isay’s dream had finally come true: Changgu finally proposed to her the following year.

And although Changgu initially felt as though he was not worthy of having Isay as his bride, he was confident that life and his circumstances led to the very moment they’ve laid their eyes upon each other.

For Changgu, Isay is a love granted by destiny. For Isay, Changgu is a dream come true.

Everything, after all, falls into place at the right time. And indeed, for Changgu and Isay, this is a dream come true – both a destined match and an answered prayer melded into one.

The wedding proper, ceremony and reception of Changgu Kang and Isay Reyes were all held at Timberland, Rizal.“

An Intimate Wedding in Sacred Heart Parish, Muntinlupa – JV & MEI

The struggle is real for long distance relationship and it is no different for JV, who works for an airline company in UAE, and Mei, a nurse in Singapore. Despite the miles that separate them, their love broke those boundaries and got even stronger. Their secret? Constant communication. “We talked every day and updated each other on our whereabouts”, the bride revealed during their wedding preps.

Mei booked us online a year ago and we’ve been in constant communication about their wedding since then. The first time that I met them both in person was in Singapore where we had their prenup in Henderson Waves and Orchard Road. Mei was a bit shy at first after getting doses of JV’s cheeriness, she relaxed. Time well spent with each other was important for them so they enjoyed themselves and were inseparable the whole shoot.

They tied the knot on a summer day in an intimate ceremony at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Muntinlupa. Guests were treated afterwards to a sumptuous meal at Neil’s Kitchen in Westgate, Alabang that was truly a delight to the palate. The celebration perfectly fit the venue’s modern yet cozy ambiance and everyone seemed to have followed the witty quote written on the wall that says “count the memories, not the calories”. The day went on leisurely and smoothly. Thanks to the coordination of Rhed Sarmiento. Our team at Gary Aguilon Photography would like to express our heartfelt thanks to JV and Mei for trusting us to cover their milestone. Congratulations and Best Wishes!

Preparation: Church: Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Muntinlupa

Reception: Neil’s Kitchen, Westgate, Alabang, Muntinlupa

Coordinator: Rhed Sarmiento Event Planners and Coordinators

Yojiro & Patricia

“It was a fine morning at the heart of the business district in Makati when Yojiro popped the question.

He, a Japanese man, met Patricia, a Filipina, at work in the Philippines. What initially started out as a good friendship between two colleagues eventually blossomed into love, and it was during a casual walk to lunch across one of Makati’s numerous mall bridges that he decided to take that chance with the apple of his eye.

Fortunately, that chance led to more than a great ramen lunch between the pair – it also led to what would ultimately become the most momentous event in Yojiro and Patricia’s lives.

Everything seemed to have naturally fallen into place on March 2, 2019 that the big day itself seemed ready to welcome their union. Despite the early morning preparations, the wedding, which took place in the morning, took off dazzlingly well in one of Magallanes’s renowned parishes, with the good weather and flawless preparations seamlessly coming together for that joyful moment.

From the beautiful sunrise down to the genuine smiles, particularly the affectionate moment caught between Patricia and Yojiro as they finally exchanged their wedding vows, the early stir before daybreak was definitely worth it.

And we are glad to have captured it all. The wedding ceremony of Yojiro Konno and Patricia Banaag was held at the St. Alphonsus Mary De Liguori Parish, Magallanes, while the reception took place at the Discovery Primea Luxury Hotel.”

Preparation & Reception Discovery Primea Luxury Hotel‎
Ceremony: St. Alphonsus Mary De Liguori Parish, Magallanes


Mot and Lala

Mot and Lala Rasay

“There is an age-old saying that love is not just about receiving. It involves being a gift that continuously needs to be given away without expecting anything in return.

And in Lala and Mot’s case, their special day embodied this timely proverb. Mot and Lala are no strangers when it comes to weddings, since they cover such special occasions by profession.

They’ve even tied the knot through a civil marriage in 2016. But the pair also never gave up on their dream to hold a church wedding – one where they can also celebrate with their family and friends.

The idea of celebrating love, friendship, and togetherness with all their loved ones led them to choose a place far from the familiar bustling city life: Bangkong Kahoy Valley, a secluded sanctuary found at the heart of a rainforest.

Located at the foot of Mt. Banahaw, Bangkong Kahoy is frequented by travelers who wish to experience living in an area surrounded by luscious trees, a thriving wildlife, and an unpredictable but pleasant weather – a perfect tourist attraction for explorers who wish to take a break from urban life and try new adventures.

The setting was perfect for the couple – after all, Mott and Lala also wanted something special for their friends and family who gave their never-ending support over the years, even though it meant traveling hours away from home. They ultimately chose this location because they wanted a place that would remind them of what life was about before technology permeated their lives: the calls of nature and the celebration of relationships.

Of course, this required a great deal of planning and a bit luck from Mot and Lala’s end. Good weather conditions were needed in order for the wedding plans to go smoothly, especially for the sake of the couple’s guests. So Lala fervently prayed for better weather so she, Mot, and all their loved ones can experience this magical moment and embrace nature at the same time.

As fate would have it, nature had other plans. Between sunshine and rain, nature decided to welcome Mot and Lala’s big day with the latter.

But to Lala, the trek across the muddy paths to the wedding ceremony – gown and all – was worth it. Not only was she greeted by the sight of her beloved groom and loved ones gathered together, but she was also surprised by a special treat that also caught everyone’s attention: a fully-formed rainbow, formed against the mountainside and in plain view.

For Lala and Mot, the rainbow felt like a blessing and an answered prayer, not just for them, but also for all their families and friends who were equally blessed to witness it.

The smiles and laughter lasted even during their reception. Guests had the chance to show off their dance moves as others toasted and cheered for the couple’s union.

And ultimately, everyone cheered as the main celebrants of the evening finally walked into the hall. Walking hand-in-hand alongside their beloved family poodle, Lala and Mott presented themselves to their family and friends in an atmosphere surrounded by love, kinship and togetherness.

For everyone that night, everything felt like a blessing in disguise. For the newlyweds,

it was an affirmation that giving and sharing their blessings were things that mattered, both in life and in love. And it was all worth it.

The wedding ceremony and reception of Mot Rasay and Lala Del Rosario-Rasay were held at Bangkong Kahoy in Dolores, Quezon.”


Romi and Angela’s Engagement Shoot – Melbourne, Australia


It was my first time to meet Romi and Angela in person on their pre-nup shoot and despite seeing them just on that day, it seemed that we have known each other for a long time. Friendly and fun to work with, they were very outgoing, cooperative, and very much willing to try things out to come up with marvellous photos.

We first shot at vivid Brighton Beach, a perfect match for their personality. Next stop was a nearby forest then and finally at the Nobbies Philip Island where we chanced to see some cute wallabies.
Congratulations and Best Wishes Romi and Angela!

Thank you Michael Guayco, Marissa Gaila Körber and Precious Hurnato

Video: Mike Guayco Films